Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zuzana Straska

I was lucky to have met and worked with Zuzana for two days before she headed back to Europe to study Economics. Poopers I want to see her again!

What is your favorite type of cheese? ok lets go.. my favorite cheese..mmm love almost all of them but the most favorite is Hermelin... but I'm not sure if u know that... and I love the old cheeses from our cheesy shop...they are really old smelling and the taste is just amazing... :P
Do you have an unusual talent? unusual talent?... dont think so.. I think I've got talent to know or do a bit of everything... I can do whatever sport. I can paint... and its not that horrible its just ok:) but I'm not a professional in anything special:P....Jesus my english... ohhh
Who is your favorite comedian? I'm not really interested in comedians... maybe Mr. Bean...thats all i know:)
Name your best work experience. Shooting the D&G campaign on the Seine with Testino
And your worst work experience? Shooting some Czech magazine in -14 degrees with a raven on my shoulder....
How many languages do you speak? Czech english french slovakian:P i guess four:)
What is your favorite smell? Smell of my favourite food .....actually smell of any food:D hah... and I love parfumes...Hate when people aren't using it..
Who is your favorite musician? Favourite musician.. I love U2...I listen to coldplay which is really similar... or I can listen to a bit of rap, or some new stuff... for example Keri hilson is my favorite now..and Kings of Leon
What is the first thing you do in the morning? Going pee wash my face and breakfast! I just need it!
Who would you like to be tied to for 24 hours? Noone... right now... it could be just a boyfriend... noone else..
Do you have any phobias? Well ... I hate snakes and spiders...and fire..
Who do you think you were in a past life? Someone who died because of fire.. because im really scared even of lit matches...Thats just the thing which reminds me of something from my past life...
Who are you most proud of? I'm proud of my parents.....Couldn't have better ones...:)
Do you believe in aliens? Maybe they exist but not all of the circles in the fields are from them:D....
What is your most prized possession? mmmmm... I have something really big which is hidden in my bank:)
What is your favorite beauty product? Laura mercier concealer and powder!
Can you cook? I'm a bad cook but I can make a nice cake :P.. pasta as well but that's it...
What do you think of these ridiculous questions? now u know almost everything ...but my english make the answers a bit stupid...
What do you hate more than salad dressing? haha haaaate salad dressing.. cant imagine what I hate more now but there is gonna be something for sure:)
Name a recent happy moment. Well I had lets say a happy three days when I got home ... wedding of my cousin ...1 year (anniversary) of my other cousin and we have a new puppy so that was three amazing days ...was one long and great moment:)
What is your favorite piece of clothing? baggy pants..!!!!!. I hate my legs...haha yes a model who hates her legs:P
Who is your favorite author? my favourite author is Milan Kundera... he lives in paris now ..he used to be czech now he is french!
What is your favorite book? Nesnesitelna lehkost Milan Kundera

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