Friday, August 21, 2009

Sandi Esposito

Where do I start?....Sandi is responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of shelter cats and dogs. She is one of those people who goes out into the world and makes a difference; someone who practices what she preaches. I met her around two years ago when she was volunteering as a mentor to teens at the Animal Care and Control shelter in NYC. I have a HUGE amount of respect for her for the amount of blood, sweat and tears she has put into rescuing and championing shelter pets, especially Pit Bulls. She continues to work with shelter pets via her new website where she plans her next moves and fundraisers...

(And this is what she looks like when she isn't being smothered by dog kisses.)

What are you up to these days? These days I am trying to get my life together. I lost my job at Bideawee animal shelter (lets call it an unfair lay off... there are actually articles about it). That was about six months ago and I am still trying to get over the bitterness as I was the only adoption associate in the Manhattan shelter to be let go (and I loved my job). So, I am trying to find a job (hopefully animal care related, but that seems impossible). I spent years rescuing but don't really do that anymore. Right now I am trying to get my website going. It is up and ready, but needs visitors and participators. (Editor's note: Please visit the site! It is fantastic what she is doing.)

What are you favorite websites? my favorite websites are facebook, lol cats, and the fashion pit of course.

What was it like witnessing your nephew Andrew being born into the world? Andrew being born was intense. My partner's twin Maggie is the parent. It was a c-section and I have a lot of experience being in hospitals so I was excited to help her get through it. There is nothing like hearing that first cry. It's shocking even though you are waiting for it.

Who rocks your world? My partner Agnes rocks my world. We have both been through a lot and got together at a very stressful time. Shes supportive, hilarious, smart, and kind. Just like me!

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? The scariest thing that has ever happened to me is a toss up. My surgeries were pretty scary. I would choose my lung surgery, as I was an adult at that point and all serious surgeries are much scarier as an adult (as you are aware of death and future pain). It was also a complete surprise. Emotionally the scariest thing that ever happened to me was starting my life over. Divorce, coming out to friends and family, the fear of hurting people... thats all very scary to me. It is all behind me though, and I have nothing but the future to look forward to, and I'm quite excited.

Would you ever bungee jump? I would never bungee jump. F*ck that.

What is your drink of choice? My drink of choice... in the morning, a coffee. At night, a beer.

What do you think is overrated? I think money is overrated. It is such a difficult trap not to fall into.

What is your favorite sappy movie? My favorite sappy movie? Hmmmm... uhhh Legends of the Fall?

If you had to give up one of your five senses, what would it be and why? I think I would give up the sense taste. I've always struggled to be thin and I think it would be easier if nothing tasted good.

You are also an actress. What has been your favorite acting gig thus far? As an actress I did a hell of a lot more studying than "gigging". However I was in a very independent movie called "Dorris' Mouse Earrings" and it was a bizarre and awesome experience. It was mostly improve and cursing. My favorites.

Who do you most admire? I admire my mother. I admire my Pit Bull Piglet. I admire people who get up every day and smile even when their life is sh*t. I admire good people who are active and generous.

Where would you love to go at a moment's notice? I would really love to go anywhere on a moments notice. Europe I suppose. Or to California to visit some good friends.

Who is the biggest tool? The biggest tool? Michael Vick? George Bush?

What is your favorite color? My favorite color is dark purple.

What sensation drives you crazy (in a bad way?) Bug bites are a sensation that drive me f*cking nuts, and I always have them all over my body all summer.

What is your favorite smell? My favorite smell is Agnes.

How is piglet? Piglet is freaking awesome. He gets a lot of love and a lot of attention from a LOT of people. He is one lucky rescued Pit Bull and he knows how to have fun.

(This is piglet, sleeping soundly.)
Lisa Lampanelli or Howard Stern? As a woman I greatly admire Lisa Lampanelli and she cracks me up big time. I want to see her stand up asap. However, as a graduate whose major was radio, Howard Stern was my absolute hero. I was shocked that his voice on Sept 11th calmed me down and made me feel ok, as I was alone in my house. He has done more than most people realize.

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of my ability to speak up and out. I am proud of the four Pit Bulls I live with that once faced death in a shelter. I am proud of every single pit bull and cat I saved. I am proud of my ethics. I am proud to be a lesbian and to hold my partners hand in public.

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Awww.. I LOVE it. And I love Rachie and Sandi.

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