Wednesday, August 26, 2009

omg...Fred Butler!

Ok I am a huge dweeb for accessories designer and prop stylist Fred Butler. Imagine my ultimate happiness and surprise today when I emailed her to express my continuing love of her work and she kindly responded with this tearsheet featuring both of our work that I hadn't seen before. This will never get old-seeing my things in magazines next to someone I am a HUGE fan of. It is thrilling. (And obviously I am thrilled to have my things in magazines, period..but this is even sweeter!)

Want to see why I am nuts over her work?
Images c/o via and
(Her blog is currently in the running for a Dazed Digital fashion blog award... click HERE.) for this headband.
I would love to see a collaboration between her and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton......Or with Karl Lagerfeld! The big guns need to scoop her up and let her shine on a grand scale. I can't get enough...

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