Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aya T. Kanai

Aya! To get to work with her is to be a lucky son of a gun-she is a very well liked and talented stylist. Now that she is bicoastal I think someone in Hollywood should snap her up for her own creative show- fashion related and crafting, sort of like "Todd Time" from House of Style but with photo shoots and her styling with craft tips....I have already thought this out, you see. She is in high demand so I am a happy camper that she humored my nosey questions...

What do you do for a living?
stylist, fashion editor, part time mover of heavy boxes, traveler

Unusual talent?
i can click my heels in the air to the side, like fred astaire.

What is your dream car? so many, where to begin. i love old and
vintage cars in general but the 1969 Mercedes 280 SL roadster is
beautiful. i also love the old toyota land cruiser.

If you could only use one beauty product, what would it be? shiseido eyelash curler

Who is your favorite comedian?
steve martin.

Favorite spots/shops in Los Angeles.
still discovering! the only place i frequent regularly is the raw food
place on franklin... ill update you once i know which way is up.

What posters did you have on your bedroom wall growing up?
NKOTB and dylan mckay. i was laughing with a friend the other day,
that i might never again feel love like i felt for dylan mckay. it was
a pure kind of love, unjaded, passionate, whole hearted love.

Name something that you think is overrated.
drinking alcohol. oh and air conditioning.

Name something that you think is underrated.

Favorite sound.

Favorite smell.
soapy water, also citrus fruits

Do you believe in ghosts?

What is your favorite pair of shoes in your closet?
norma kamali red penny loafers

What is your most treasured physical possession?
my grandmothers lapis ring

Mad Libs or crossword puzzles?

What has been your most memorable shoot so far?
ashley olsen, that girl is smart and totally in control, i respected
her a lot. shes a billionaire for a reason. oh and when we set
joaquin phoenix on fire. (Editor's note: see photo below..)

Name a bad habit..
two words: gummy bears. i am trying to kick the habit, though i find
it unfair that there are no support groups for refined sugar

Name a recent happy moment.
last night i was reunited with many old friends and i was reminded
that there are lovely people everywhere. this made me happy.

Do you have a crush on an unusual person?
jimmy fallon and steve carrell.

Favorite book?
my journal

Whose personal style do you admire?
my dad. at my brothers wedding he wore a white linen suit with an
orange tie. it was amazing.

What websites or blogs do you stalk?
i am currently into the crafting and home design blogs.

Which gameshow would you like to be a contestant on?
if 'apples to apples' had a show, i would want to be on that one.

What is your favorite cause?
living authentically for great stuff! These are my favorites:

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