Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Claudia Bleser Caudill

Claudia and I have known each other since we were little kids. We were childhood best friends and we even lived down the street from each other for a few years. She is the coolest, smartest, silliest..I can go on and on..We were two Jews together at Hebrew School, getting all "Bat Mitzvah'ed" and stuff.....except I didn't get around to mine..But hers was fun. I danced with one of her triplet cousins....

What do you do for a living? I will be a high school spanish and sign language teacher next year. It's a new job and I am soooo excited!

Unusual talent. I am double jointed and can make the best cookies on the planet.

Favorite drink. Pepsi or a Greyhound (grapefruit juice and vodka-I do not condone the consumption of the real greyhound dogs)

Favorite quote. "Remember that you are unique...just like everyone else."

Favorite shade of lipstick or other beauty product. The Benefit counter guy can see me coming a mile away. I love their marketing and their products! I am a total makeup whore!

Name your worst halloween costume. Princess. I had high heel shoes that were loud when I walked, and the adult I was trick-or-treating with told me I was going to wake the ghosts up and they were going to come after me.

What was your best halloween costume? Pack of cigarettes. Dad helped me with it. I was 12.

Name something that you think is underrated. Kindness.

Name something that you think is overrated. Ignorance.

Favorite cartoon character. Homer Simpson

Favorite sound. Birds in Spring.

Favorite smell.Gross, I know, but my Corgy's feet! They smell like corn chips!

Which golden girl do you most relate to and why? Sophia because she is an Italian, crotchety old lady with a heart of gold.

What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? No idea...

What is the last movie that you walked out of? Well, I always walk out of whatever Barney (Claudia's husband) is watching at home: Underworld, the Matrix, any of the Lord of the Rings pieces of crap.

Favorite movie. I have several, but one that has transcended the years is Dirty Dancing...

The best boardgame is...YAHTZEE!

Are you allergic to anything? nuts, avocados, eggplant (editor's note-Aw yes, the Oaty-O's)

Favorite fashion designer.I just like what looks good on me. I don't prefer any one designer.

Ventura County Fair carnies: do you befriend them or keep on walking? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So both.
Any nicknames. Claudie, Claud Ball, Claud, CiCi, Bo (editor's note: I prefer Claud Ball)
Favorite brand of chocolate. Trader Joe's organic dark
Favorite candy. Twix
Favorite painter. Dunn Edwards
Favorite book. Giving Tree
Favorite author. Shel Silverstein
Favorite article of clothing. You can't beat a good bra.

What possesed you to see a 3-D movie about gerbils today? I love me some guinea pigs! And the thought of seeing them as special agents in 3-D was enough to keep me from enjoying the sunshine today!

Tell me about your pets...Miles the terrier: Mild-mannered, professor-like, gentle, curious, very concerned about mailmen and moles. Cody the Corgy: Not the sharpest tool in the shed, pure love, fluffy, also very concerned about the mailman. Rosie the guinea pig is quiet and reserved, loves Barney's voice, and eating her grass hut of a house.

Where do you see yourself in 25 years? Here.
Any favorite websites?pogo.com, facebook, and modcloth.com

Here Claudia and I are playing "Fashion Model." She is giving good face and I look like a smug brat.

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