Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lyoka Tyagnereva

I am really enjoying these mini interviews. Next up is Lyoka, a gal I worked with and I had such a blast with her. She is easy going, funny and professional. Here she answers some of my questions..

What do you do for a living? I'm living for modeling and modeling for living.

Where are you from originally? I'm Russian.

Unusual talent. Well, I can dig beds in my GrandMa's country house pretty fast. Though I'm getting blisters after that. :)

Favorite drink. I'd say juice but considering the amount of tea I'm drinking, probably, I should say strong hot black tea.

Favorite quote. "Cogito ergo sum"

Favorite shade of lipstick or other beauty product? I'm not using make-up in normal life but if I do for some special occasion, it would be blue eye shadow with glitters. Was my favourite till my sister's dog ate it. :)

Do you have any siblings? I have one younger sister.

Favorite ice cream flavor. I like all of them but need to say that I'm a fan of real Italian fragola gelato with real strawberry pieces.

Favorite brand of chocolate. Doesn't matter, just need to be good enough to eat and not freaking expensive.

Favorite candy. Don't like candies.

Favorite holiday. Err, New Year?

What was your worst Halloween costume? I've never had one so all of them were worst. :)

Mexican food or Italian food? Both.

Favorite restaurant. Bistro Milano on 6th ave.

Overrated person/band/film/tv show. Harry Potter and many others

Underrated person/band/film/tv show. There're a lot of really good movies which are not famous just because they require some thinking process. And people don't like to use their brains much.

Favorite sound. Running water, wind in the leaves and thunder with pouring rain.

Favorite smell. Blossoming flowers and fresh air with a touch of ozone after the thunderstorm.

Are you allergic to anything? Thanks God, no!

Favorite mass brand fashion label.I'm not a fan of labeling. I like things which match my personality and look good. It could be 15 bucks dress from small store in Chinatown.

Favorite color(s).Blue and green.

Favorite hair style. Hair down WITHOUT any products and hairstylists in 2 miles around. :) Though they do some good stuff sometimes. :)

What is the craziest/scariest thing that you have either done or has happend to you? Well, I guess drowning 2 times in my childhood was both - craziest and scariest. :)

Worst traveling experience. I all the time have some adventures travelling. :) Thought the worst one was when my friend and me were coming back from the expedition from the North of Russia. And there was a drunk man saying to our neighbors that they need to get off nexr stop because his from KGB or something and has information that this train has a bomb and gonna expload! Then the woman across started to tell the story about a maniac who killed several people in the train cutting their throats in the night. And My place was on the bottom. So I was pretty scared to fall asleep that night in the tarin. :)

Best traveling experience.Flying business class to one of the jobs! :)

What shampoo do you use? I was sticking to Pantene but lately using a new line called John Frieda Collection because I got it from the show as a gift and it's pretty good.

Name a bad habit. To be late.

What toothpaste brand do you use? Crest.

Name a recent happy moment. I have a lot of them lately - every day, I'm just happy!

What are your guilty pleasures? Internet is a biggest guilty pleasure of this century!!! Sometimes I just can't pull myself off the laptop.

Favorite fruit. Nectarine.

Favorite vegetable. Zuccini.

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Obviously vegetable. Though the type of fruit is berry. :)

Favorite painter. I like Dali which is obviously crazy. :) Also like Claude Monet, Van Gauge, Ayvazovsky, Kuindzhy...

Favorite book. I like books. But for now it's probably "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks because it made me cry.

Electric toothbrush or manual? Manual. Come on, I can do that. People, you're lazy! Do you need electric brush to do your hair and robot to do your make-up in the morning?

Do you have any pets? Personally I don't have any since I'm travelling and can not do that to a poor thing to leave it without food and fresh air and water for 3 days. :) But my sister has - it used to be ours but since I live in NY now it's not completely hers - she's taking care of them. It's a bunch of hamsters of different kinds, a rat, a lab mouse which I rescued from genetics lab in my University. :) Now she got a dog and named it Jerry. If you saw K-9 you can imagine what kind of personality he had after getting this name! :)))

Favorite website.

Favorite actor/actress. I like several but can't remember - they come after you saw a movie. :) Nicole Kidman is good!!

Least favorite actor/actress.Leonardo DiCaprio!

Movies you love: Interstate 60; Wall-E; Moscow doesn't believe in tears; Enchanted; Italian marriage with Barbara Straizand; I, robot; Bicentennial man etc

What do you think of nyc? I love it!

Favorite museum. Museum of Antropology and Ethnography, Zoological museum and Hermitage. All in St. Petersburg. Rare paintings of Dali in Soho. Moma is fun sometimes. :)

Favorite shop(s) in NYC. Body shop, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Loehman's, Forever 21, Strand (pretty much used books sale outside :))

Favorite animal. Meerkat. But I love almost all of them!

Favorite cause or charity group/etc.RSPCA

Here are some images of Lyoka from her portfolio (she is with One Model Management in NYC)

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