Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DIY -Originality is the Way to Go.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of blogs and sites proposing DIY projects where the blog author gives step step guidelines to copying another designers work but for a fraction of the price. I find it to be disconcerting to witness the encouragement of knocking off. I think that these are dangerous in that it encourages people to think that it is ok to copy another's work because that work may be too expensive. Besides, why would someone want to walk around wearing a copy of something?
I wish bloggers and sites would focus on original DIY projects, ideas that they have come up with themselves verses a knock off project.
With that said, here are some craft blogs and sites that I think are excellent because they showcase original designs by the designers themselves who enjoy sharing their how to's.....
There are also tons of jewelry making and sewing books with project ideas crafting available at the local bookstore or library. These projects lead to free thinking and open your mind simultaneously, thus encouraging creativity.

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