Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Yes

I have been digging through old photos and paperwork and some things are too funny not to share. Back in the day my coworkers and I did a little catalogue modeling for a friend's clothing line. I was literally modeling "Mother of the Bride." I was much skinnier but my body wasn't happy with me at that weight. I was eating very strictly (but no bulimia or anorexia so don't worry) and lost a lot of weight in my upper body but I always had a booty. Blah enough of that, check out that supermodelish action. (I am the chick in the middle in the blue dress with my hands on my hips with the awful posing..)
Wow I just noticed how crazy some of us are cut out....look at the gal to my left in the photo-her head is majorly trimmed.

Look at me, I'm a man eater!

All I remember from that day was that we drove to Philly and we did our own makeup and the designer's wife did my hair. I don't remember standing in front of the camera much at all. Then we went to Benny's Burritos when we arrived back to Manhattan.


roger padilha said...

Wow...these pics make me want to take to to Prom

PS: The verification code for me to post this comment is "Sliones"...sounds like an italian dish.

td Smithers said...

ummm, that was like christmas, and my birthday, and everything else that is good all at once!!

my verification word is yomble : )

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