Sunday, May 30, 2010

Animal Video Time! (via

This cat has the licky intensity that our dog Sadie has for when she bathes Codybear. (Codybear is in fact two dogs, however in the interest of time management we have shortened and added the two names together.)
More "heavy petting"

Make sure the sound is up for this goat video!

Must See This:
“In the African jungle, conservationist Damian Aspinall searches for Kwibi, a lowland gorilla he hasn’t seen for 5 years. Kwibi grew up with Damian at his Howletts Wild Animal Park in England. When he was five, he was released into the forests of Gabon, West Africa as part of conservation programme to re-introduce gorillas back into the wild. Now Kwibi’s 10 years old, much bigger and stronger. Will Damian find him? Will Kwibi attack him?”

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stephen dimmick said...

breathtaking kwibi........

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