Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Past 48 hours/Milly Show

Fittings fittings fittings and more fittings at the design offices.




Rasa-I kept thinking of that 90's song "La Raza" whenever I saw her.

Alana-So absolutely lovely and friendly. She came to her fitting with her previous fashion show makeup still on. The models hardly have time to remove it after running from show to fitting and back again.
Below: Production gals Sadie, Porter and Leila-a very quick photo as it started snowing as we left the office.

The walk to the subway this morning.

Visiting Lindsay briefly.

While walking backstage into the tents at Bryant Park the first thing I see (besides people swarming Kelly Osbourne outside of another show that had just ended) is the board identifying the models that we created last night. Lots of new faces this season.

The "Run of Show" board detailing the order and looks for the show, plus some extra accessories in case there is a fashion emergency.

Sydney walks in wearing makeup from a previous show that will be removed and reapplied according to Romy's makeup specifications for our show.

Kate gets her hair done by Kevin Ryan (one of the nicest guys in the business) while other models who are ready wait around and chat.

Kelsey, left, and Teresa, right. Kelsey opened and closed the show, meaning she was the first and last model out on the catwalk-the most coveted placement.

Alex Sandor.



Below, we are having the dresser meeting. These women (and several gay men) have a very particular job to do. Each is assigned to a model and they lay out and prep the looks they are given so that they help their model dress as quickly and as neatly as possible. There is no photo taking of the models or getting star struck-they are there to do a job and they are very good at what they do as they are working with naked models who may be as young as 16 years old. We tell them about certain styling details to follow and answer any questions that may arise. For example, scarves and hats are to be worn as the stylist directed them and the tops are tucked as directed. It's a very strict and meticulous process, as crazy as that may seem.

The photographers are kicked out before the models change into their first look. Here is Sophie in hers.

You can see the anxiousness in the girl's faces right before the show starts.

Nastasia, above.

Almost done...

(All photos above are by me)
And what the audience sees, below (photos from





Michelle-Designer Michelle Smith of Milly. She is absolutely one of the nicest ladies.

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