Friday, August 14, 2009

Elle Gerstein

Elle is the manicurist of choice for JLo, Mariah Carey, Brana Wolf of Harpers Bazaar and many more. She and I worked on an unforgettable shoot together that will be out in magazines next month involving two days of working with elephants. Both days were extremely hectic with the wardrobe and Elle was a life saver. I liked her immediately. I also just found out that she has a grown daughter and Elle herself looks to be twenty one years old..

What do you do for a living? I am a nail stylist, for celebrity photoshoots as well as editorial and ad campaigns. I get to set trends for the whole world to follow! Its exciting because we get the sneak preview of whats to come, and dictate the trends to the masses
Favorite drink? troy surratt the make up artist introduced me to jalapeno and passionfruit margaritas @ crema... bring it on!
Favorite quote? be mindful even when your mind is full... de la vega
What is your favorite beauty product? Favorite beauty product, is quality sleep!
Favorite nail polish color? right now its shades by barielle's falling star a cobalt blue with copper sparkle.. so unexpected....
What has been your favorite traveling experience? favorite travel ... hmmm havent been on a plane since 9 11... work has me nuts.. so i would have to say traveling to my celeb clients homes, to see how they live :)
And the worst? a trip skiing to my girlfriends house, the roof almost caved in, the driveway had 8 feet of snow, because the snow removal team never came.. and bear tracks all over the place.... shall i continue?
Favorite sound? sounds of the waves crashing @ the beach
Favorite smell? jo malones grapefruit candles
Favorite fashion designer? favorite fashion designer .....too many to list!!! is that bad
Favorite mass brand fashion label? mass brand fashion... @ target the designers are hot... rodarte's coming!
What is the best part about your job? creativity and working/meeting with new people all the time... like u rach!
What is the worst part about your job? not picking my own hours!
Name a phobia. angoraphobia... on my days off I'd like to have it :)
What is your favorite restaurant? crema and sofrito.. can't choose but one's mexican and ones puerto rican... spices of latin america!
What are your guilty pleasures? vh 1 trash shows and foood!!!
Favorite vegetable? cauliflower, season'd to perfection
What has been the best shoot so far?ours for harpers baazar with peter lindberg.... sooooo much fun
Name your proudest accomplishment.creating the seasons colors for barielle's shades line.. i have all the say so! and everyone lovesss them... that makes me the happiest...
What is your favorite 90's girl group? 90's hmmmm... i was going to say the pussycat dolls but they dont fall into that catagory huh? ummm..i could answer for the 80"s that would be the go' gos!
Does it drive you crazy when everyone wants a manicure on set? It would drive me crazy.. when eight million people line up! that drives me crazy... when its a couple no prob!
What was the last concert that you attended? last concert was no doubt at jones beach... but marc anthony aug 22cd is my excitment!
Do you have any pets?zsa zsa my maltese loveeee her! francesco scavullo named her! what an honor.
If you could have any painting hanging in your living room, what work of art would it be? sunflowers by van gogh
Any tricks with dealing with the paparazzi? ignore ignore ignore!
What is your favorite cause/charity? ovarian cancer research, im loosing my best friend to it! (Editor's note-I know you are helping her in this scary time and I am so sorry to hear that she is suffering. I offer her my sincere hopes and wishes.)

Her portfolio can be seen at
Elle in Maid In Mahattan:

Here is some of her work:

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