Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Things. You know the deal.

1. In 1994 my dad had a personal trainer come often to our house and it turned out that he was the best friend of Ronald Goldman, O.J's murder victim along with Nicole Simpson. I remember watching the Bronco highway chase live on tv with him and feeling pretty awkward.
2. I am probably the only Jewish person to have never laughed during an episode of Seinfeld. I tried watching the show but to no avail. I found it to be supremely mediocre.
3. In 1998 I worked for Betsey Johnson and on the weekend before her runway show, she had a show look in her lap as she sat in the showroom Indian legged style. I stood over her with a lollipop in my mouth watching her show me how to embellish the dress. All of a sudden a bit of lollipop drool escaped my mouth, causing a wet spot on the dress in her lap. Betsey thought that it was hilarious. I was relieved. That same dress was used in the show and was later purchased by Tori Spelling (after dry cleaning, of course.)
4. I have never done drugs, or even smoked a cigarette. I am really proud of this. I rarely drink as I liken the taste of alcohol to sipping household chemicals (haven't done that either.)
5. I love the sound that a tennis ball makes when it hits a tennis racket.
6. I love the smell the pavement has after it has rained.
7. I was a competitive swimmer for years. I wasn't fast, but I enjoyed swimming in Southern California.
8. White Chicks always puts me in a good mood.
9. I don't eat red meat or pork.
10. My elbows are double jointed. Sometimes when I hail a cab, the cab driver will ask me if I have recently broken my arm.
11. Bobby Brown complimented my back rose tattoo and I later found out that we shared the same tattoo artist. I also found out that he had to drink beforehand to deal with the pain. I believe that tattoos should be experienced sans painkillers or alcohol. You have to earn them. That doesn't mean that I can tolerate long sittings....
12. I don't like the feeling of a scarf around my neck. It has to be 10 degrees out for me to put a fleece one on. And I can't tolerate the feel of cashmere-It is way too itchy.
13. When I was a swimmer my nickname by one of the swim moms was "Muffin" because I was always eating a muffin. And now I am currently called "Brownie" by the local bodega due to my almost daily purchase of those low fat organic brownies.
14. Other past nicknames have included "Superbeast" and "Nurse Ratched" which I accepted happily.
15. My favorite song is Rasberry Beret by Prince.
16. If I really like someone's work, whether it be by another stylist or an artist, I have an uncontrollable urge to compliment that person.
17. I am not attracted to muscles, but I am to attracted to character and sensitivity. Men who work out at the gym and walk around like roosters with their chests puffed out gross me out...Therefore I really dislike going to the gym.
18. I had more personal facts posted but I deleted them-You can't tell everybody everything....

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