Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bettina Rheims rocks my socks.

This is my favorite Bettina Rheims shoot. She shot Madonna for Details back when Bill Mullen was the fashion director. 1994 or 1995-somewhere around there. I am thinking that he styled this, or if not, her stylist of that time did. Either way Bill rocked Details. He worked a ton with David LaChapelle for the mag too. But back to Bettina. I think that she is under used these days in American magazines, or perhaps she is just super picky. I want more!
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taylor warren said...

I worked with Bettina in Paris for her new book! I found your blog via missbehave one lone internet filled day...!

rachel gilman said...

i have plenty of those. after five hours you realize that you spent the whole day was bettina?

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